Occupational Therapist + Mama

Balancing life as a mom to a three-month-old and a career as an occupational therapist has its magical moments and challenging ones. The magical moments out spark the challenging ones due to the joy of watching your own child experience all of life’s little moments for the first time. As an occupational therapist you go to school to learn all about human development and being able to utilize those skills as you watch your own child development has been extremely rewarding. I can identify all the monthly milestones she’s going through; whether it’s being able to track my face as I move across the room, or to reaching three months and finding out she has motor control of her hands. I will never be unamused as she stares at her hands as if I placed them on her body like a glove one morning. As she grows, I’m excited to see all the new milestones she is to reach and hope to share my experience as an occupational therapist + mama with you!

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