Swaddles + Science

Probably on of the most useful item a parent can buy for their little one. While there are thousands of swaddles to choose from, the Baby Merlins Magic Sleepsuit has been our favorite. The first night she wore this sleep suit she slept for…. drum roll….12 hours straight! It was the first time in two months that I was able to sleep through the night. Since then, she is now four months and is still sleeping a consistent 12 hours a night.

Many wonder why swaddles are magical for babies and it is because of all the proprioceptive input they provide. Proprioceptive input is the way we perceive our body in space. In other words, how we interpret our body and the objects around us when moving around. Babies have spent 9 months tightly cradled inside their mother’s womb where everything is perfectly controlled. Movements are fluid, temperature is constant, and everything is just right. It is then suddenly that they are exposed to this big world where all things are new, loud, and scary. Swaddles provide a sense of proprioceptive input consisting of pressure, warmth, and comfort. This in return allow babies to feel like they are back into the womb and safe again.

Check out the sleepsuits linked below.


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