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A simple read for mothers, families, and others looking to learn about all things baby, child development, and life advice from the prospective of a pediatric occupational therapist and mama.


  • Messy + Play

    The word most moms hate…MESS. However, when it involves children, I’m here to tell you why messy play is so important for a child’s development. Children have one job and that is to play! Children learn through touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste. In order for children to learn through those senses it’s important not…

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  • Swaddles + Science

    Swaddles + Science

    Probably on of the most useful item a parent can buy for their little one. While there are thousands of swaddles to choose from, the Baby Merlins Magic Sleepsuit has been our favorite. The first night she wore this sleep suit she slept for…. drum roll….12 hours straight! It was the first time in two…

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  • Sensory + New Experiences

    Sensory + New Experiences

    The last 9 months baby spent every day comforted by a warm womb, muted sounds, and soft tissues protecting all parts of a fragile tiny body. When a baby enters into the world it can be quite frightening. The outside world is loud, it’s cold, it’s hot, and it’s nothing the baby was used to.…

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  • Newborn + Reflexive Smiles

    Newborn + Reflexive Smiles

    The little facial expression that gives us the satisfaction that all is right in the world. Experts argue whether newborns are smiling in response to sensory experiences, such as in response to sweet smells or taste or is it because they truly are having a pleasant social interaction? Many experts believe that it is not…

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  • Occupational Therapist + Mama

    Occupational Therapist + Mama

    Balancing life as a mom to a three-month-old and a career as an occupational therapist has its magical moments and challenging ones. The magical moments out spark the challenging ones due to the joy of watching your own child experience all of life’s little moments for the first time. As an occupational therapist you go…

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